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Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you, our warehouse is jammed to the rafters, right now, with trophies to be recycled. Now, we need your help with distribution of the recycled awards. Please tell your local non profits (must be a 501c3 to apply) that they can go to our web site, and click on recycled trophies on the left bar, to apply for free awards.

Thank you for partnering with us in this effort to help charitable agencies and to keep old awards out of landfills. This program is not part of an income stream for our company, so we do appreciate your help.

We also thank you for your business.

Thank you.

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Buy Recycled Trophies

Recycled Trophies

After 20 years of accepting old trophies and awards for recycling, we are now offering them for sale to support the Trophy Recycling Program. Boxes arrive from all over the country with trophies and awards everyday. People come with van loads, and travel far distances to donate their old treasures.

Since our facility is getting filled, and our recyclers can’t keep up, we need to start moving box loads out. You can help support your local charities by purchasing these recycled awards, and help us continue the recycling program by telling your local non-profits.

Go To for more information

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Recycled Awards for Non Profits

Boxes of used awards are arriving, daily, from all over the country by mail, UPS, Fed Ex, and delivery trucks at Total Awards & Promotions/, on Mineral Point Road in Madison. The company is recycling gently used awards to donate to non profits for their use. Non-profits get these awards at NO COST. The company cleans them up, refurbishes them, puts new figures on them, and re-engraves them, all so that non profits can recognize their volunteers, and use them for fund raising events. This is the company’s way of paying it forward.

Since this recycled trophy program appeared on our web site, we began getting several big boxes a day from New York to California and all points in between. They come by mail, UPS, Fed Ex, and some people even load pick up trucks and drive them here. Some come with great stories of how the donor wants these passed on and enjoyed instead of being cast into a landfill. Now we need to make area charities aware that this program is available to them.

Please Help!

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Trophy Recycling Goes Nationwide


Madison Business Gives Old Trophies New Life

Total Awards Donating Trophies To Nonprofits

Watch the video on NEWS 3,  Featuring our Trophy Recycling Campaign going nationwide.

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Thrilled to Read About the Trophy Recycling Program

In doing some Internet research to determine where I could send this plaque for recycling, I stumbled across your contact information. I was thrilled to read about the Recycling Program you offer and the way it helps non-profit organizations who don’t have the budget to purchase new awards/plaques, but still want to provide proper recognition!

This particular plaque, given to my in-laws by the university of Texas to which they provide financial support, was of no great value to them and as they began to toss this in the trash, I asked them if I could have it and would take care to recycle it somehow!  I just couldn’t bear the thought of this plaque taking space in the landfill for eternity and when I knew someone, somewhere, would be able to recycle it!

After several local trophy shops in my town were not interested, I was thrilled to learn that Total Awards and Promotions offers this program. I feel so much better knowing this plaque and/or some of its components will be recycled and used to create another award for a deserving individual!

Thank you for offering this program.


Ashley Jenkins


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Happy to think the trophies can be used again

As a kid who liked sports, my son accumulated many trophies. Most of the trophies were given to him just because he played on the team, not because the team won a tournament or because he did anything special. Some of the trophies, however, were actually awards for his personal contribution or team awards for winning an important tournament. As a 22-year-old young man, my son wanted to keep only the trophies that were meaningful, so he packed up all the rest. I was going to put them in storage for him, but he said he really didn’t want them. Well, I am not a person who throws things away easily so I kept the boxes packed for storage for about a year until I found out I could recycle them at He and I are both happy to think the trophies can be used again and will hopefully make others happy and proud of their accomplishments.

~Linda from New York

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Trophy Recycling Drive

How to Conduct a Trophy Recycling Drive

The nations oldest Trophy Recycling Program encourages the community to donate their old trophies, plaques and awards to support non-profit organizations. Many people, schools, and organizations have boxes of old trophies stored away, and would be happy to see those trophies passed on to others.
A Trophy Recycling Drive allows your community to “pay it forward” to others while doing something good for the environment. Earn your scout badge for recycling, get great PR for your fitness center, conduct a city-wide campaign, or just feel good about recycling and keeping them from the landfill. Organize a collection drive today and make a difference in your community.


Decide what method you will use to collect the trophies.

1. Pick a location to set-up and receive the trophies.  A local bank, fitness center, grocery or sports facilities are great places to conduct a drive.  Make large signs to direct traffic to your Trophy Drive. 

 2. Have the trophies dropped off at a specific place during a certain timeframe (one day, one week, one month). 

3. Have small groups (committees, scout troops, classes) collect trophies and bring them to a larger group meeting to organize the packing and shipping.

4. For those that miss the drive, you can give them a slip of paper with the details of where to ship them and your group information to get credit for the trophy donation. We will notify you when their trophies arrive.


1. Announce it in your upcoming newsletter, email blast, blog, and social networking sites.

2. Place a notice in the community section of your local paper.  It is usually free for non-profit organizations.

3. Place a notice on the local community calendar including newspaper, radio, and television.  People love to hear about this type of drive and will all post your notice.

4. Create fliers to distribute around the town, school, stadiums, sport facilities and health clubs.
5. Compete against other groups and towns by collecting the most pounds of trophies. 



If you are not able to drop off the trophies in Madison, shipping costs will incur.

1. Ask your local banks, grocers, and businesses to share in the project by shipping the trophies from their office with UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL or other shipping company.
 2. Ask the parents or sponsors to ship one box each.
3. Ask trophy donors to donate the shipping costs of $5 to $20 per box.


If you are in the Madison area, you can drop them off Mon-Fri 8:30 am to 5:30pm.


Trophy Recycling Program
Total Awards & Promotions, Inc
7475 Mineral Point Rd. Madison, WI 53717

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Coming Together to Pay it Forward

Today a mom came into the store with boxes of her kids’ trophies. She told us of how the entire project of recycling, brought the family together.

Her grown daughters came over to go through all their awards, and they ended up taking a ride down memory lane. As they remembered stories, achievements, and the trial and tribulations of school days, they ‘paid it forward’  by recycling their honors to others.


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Cleaning out the old

This summer my sister and I were assigned the task of cleaning out our childhood room. I have always been a big proponent of recycling and took my time deciphering what could be given away verses what could be recycled.

My sister, on the other hand was barely glancing at items before she placed them in the trash. When a box of her old trophies was headed toward the garbage, I stopped her. I had heard of rumors of a trophy recycling program and cringed at the thought of these awards in a landfill for who knows how long.

I convinced her to let me keep her swimming soccer, kickball and softball trophies until they could find a new use. After a little internet research, I found Total Awards & Promotions.

I was happy to discover that this company not only has a concern for the environment, but also for under prividelged children. I am grateful that my sister’s trophies will provide recognition to those who might not otherwise be achnowledged for their achivements.

Thanks for offering this program!


Lynn Bahret

Columbus, OH

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Fenwick High School Swim Team

Today we had a van full of trophies, plaques and medallions dropped off from Coach McQuire of Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Ill. He is the Swim Coach at Fenwick who’s department is moving rooms and found hundreds of awards. After some research, he found other departments with storage rooms of trophies, and he volunteered to gather it up and drive it up to Wisconsin so that the awards could go to those in need.

THANKS COACH LUKE MCQUIRE==For Paying it Forward!!

He told us that there were still hundreds of awards left behind as the school wanted to keep all the first place trophies. I’d like to suggest to all coaches and athletic departments that they make a memorial wall out of parts of the awards, to free up valuable square footage, while still remembering and honoring past achievements.

For more information about our

TROPHY RECYCLING PROGRAM, check out our website:

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